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Welcome to My Boudoir


I have been abroad for a while and since returning, I have been informed that a number of lesser calibre girls have attempted to pretend to be me. They have even copied my website word for word, due to lack of imagination, I guess. Be that as it may, I will accept it as a challenge and as the ultimate compliment to me and my accomplishments. I must very well have something that they are lacking! Maybe removing their tattoos, would be a good start (lol).

Take time to read the finer details to determine whether you are the kind of gent I would love to meet and spend time with. I'm selective as to whom I deal with. My liaisons will only be with affluent gentlemen who deserve the very best, CEO's, entrepreneurs and those who afford themselves luxuries in life.

Men who realize it's not the price of things but the quality that matters. Discretion, honesty, beauty, integrity, personal attention and respect is what my gentlemen "friends" have come to know and expect of me. Interested in an exclusive arrangement and an exquisite companion?

I am exactly what you are searching for! You are successful and have all you want in life, it's time to enjoy it with the lady of your dreams! High class courtesan tailored to the needs of select gents.

I am highly selective and use careful screening. Everything is elite, discreet, exclusive and incredible!

With love, Sophia



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